Nerd-Con 2017 in Escondido


for non-payment for services

Nerd-Con founders: (From left)Trisha Murphy, Rachel Yauch, Joel Jones, and Stephanie Pandes(not in photo).

I'll agree with Joe K. Pretty awful experience in terms of organization. Waiting in line for over an hour to get our registration tickets. We bought tickets the day before so no one knew where adverse supposed to go. Multiple lines for depending on when you bought your ticket. Same day ticket purchases got in immediately.

Started at 11 , now it's 1207 got in line at 1045. 2 lines at the front merging into one line with one person pm a computer checking people in.

The website wasn't very helpful in terms of what's going on. I actually feel bad for the people working the event as they didn't get the support they should have received. It's after noon the exhibitors aren't set up yet...

Need I go on?

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